GRE Scores

What is the averae of GRE Scores?

On the GRE CAT (Computer Adaptive Test), the Verbal Section have 30 questions and the Quantitative section have 28 questions.

  • Verbal Section's cores: 200 - 800
  • Quantitative Section's scores: 200 - 800
  • Writting Section's scores: 0-6

The average score is around 500. You will receive individual scores for the Verbal and Quantitative sections, as well as a total score. You will get your Verbal and Quatitative immediately right after you take GRE CAT, but it will take 3-4 weeks to get your writting scores. The two GRE scores for each essay are averaged, and then the two averages are combined to produce a total score for the Analytical Writing section.

The firs question of each section, the computer will give you a question in the middle range of difficulty. If you answered correctly, the next question will be harder, and the gre score will adjust upwards. If you answered incorrectly, the next question will be easier, and the gre score will adjust downwards. However, it doesn't mean that the easier question is easy for you. Why? Because, easy or hard is depent on your knowledge. Thus, the computer is constantly recalculating the scaled score as the student progresses through the section.

NOTE: Some books said that: "the questions at the beginning of the section count much more than do the questions at the end of the section". But, we are not sure about that!

Another point you have to know about GRE scores is the percentile ranking.

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