GRE Verbal

GRE Verbal consists of a 30 minute section with 38 questions, so you have less than 1 minute per quesiton.

GRE Verbal Test consists of four types of questions. These sections always appear on the GRE test, but their order varies.

  • Antonyms: 1-7 questions
  • Analogies: 1-8 questions
  • Sentence Completion: 1-10 questions
  • Reading Comprehension: 1-10 questions

Sentence Completion Questions

The sentence completion questions ask you to choose the best way to complete a sentence from which one or two words have been omiited. You must be able to recognize the logic, style, and tone of the sentence so that you will be able to choose the answer that makes sense in this context. you must also be able to recognize differences in usage. The sentences cover a wide variety of topics from a number of academic dields. They do not, however, test specific academic knowledge.

For example:

Since most if not all learning occurs through----,relating one observation to another, it would be strange indeed if the study of other cultures did not also illuminate the study of our own.

a. assumptions

b. experiments

c. comparisons

d. repetitions

e. impressions

Analogy Questions

Analogy questions test your understanding of the relationships among words and ideas. You are given one pair of words and must choose another pairt that is related in the same way.

For example:


a. scaffolding: ceiling

b. prop: set

c. easel: canvas

d. projector: film

e. frame: photograph

Antonym Questions

You are given a word and must choose, from the five choices that follow it, the thest antonym (opposite). The vocabulary in this section my well include words that are totally unfamiliar to you.

For example:


a. gargantuan

b. inauspicious

c. intermittent

d. perpetual

e. inapparent

Reading Comprehension Questions

This section test your ability to understand and interpret what you read. This is probably the most important ability you will need in graduate school and afterward. This section may take more time than any other sections on the test because tyou have to read a passage before you can answer them.

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