GRE Analogy - Kaplan Strategy

1. Find a Strong Bridge between the Stem Words

  • In most cases, the more precisely you can express the connection between the two words, the better. A precise formulation is more likely to help you find the right answer.

2. Plug the Answer Choices into the Bridge

  • Look for the answer choice pair that has the same relationship as the stem pair.
  • Immediately eliminate answer choices that don't fit the bridge.
  • Always try all the answer choices; you might find that more than one answer choice works with the bridge that you built.
  • If only one answer choice works with the bridge you built, select that answer choice.

3. Adjust the Bridge, if Necessary

  • If more than one answer choice works, you'll have to narrow your bridge (make it more precise).
  • If none of the answer choices work, you probably need to expand it (make it more general).
  • Consider alternate definitions for the stem words. Perhaps your bridge uses the wrong definition of a word.

4. If Stuck, Build Bridges between Answer Choice Pairs and Work Backwards

  • Eliminate all answer choices that have no strong bridge.
  • Eliminate all answer choices that have an identical bridge to another answer choice.
  • Beware of answer choices that reverse the bridge.

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