GRE Antonym - Kaplan Strategy

1. Define the Stem Word

  • Even if you don't know the precise definition of the word, a general knowledge of the words is usually sufficient.
  • Use Kaplan vocabulary strategies, such as looking for familiar roots, to try to get a rough definition of the word.

2. Define Its Opposite and Prephrase an Answer

  • Whenever possible, you should have an idea of what you're looking for before checking any answer choices.
  • Consciously prephrasing an answer will reduce the chance that you'll select a choice that's a synonym.

3. Find the Answer Choice That Best Matches Your Prephrase

  • Sometimes one or more answer choices will be close to your prephrase. Check all the answer choices for the best fit. Consider alternate definitions for the stem words. Perhaps you're using the wrong definition of a word.

4. Use Guessing Strategies, If Necessary

  • Eliminate any answer choices that have no clear opposite.
  • Eliminate answer choices that are synonyms of one another.
  • Use word charge and answer choice patterns to avoid other probable wrong answers.

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