GRE Sentence Completion - Kaplan Strategy

1. Read the Whole Sentence

  • Look for road signs to help you determine what type of word you're looking for.
  • If the sentence is long or clumsy, rephrase the sentence in your own words.

2. Predict an Answer

  • In two-blank questions, try to predict for both blanks.
  • Use the road signs and logic you found in Step 1 to determine the direction in which the sentence is heading.

3. Scan the Answer Choices, Choosing the One That Best Fits Your Prephrase

  • Look for those that match your prediction.
  • Eliminate answer choices that don't come close to your prediction.
  • On two-blank sentences, work with one blank at a time, eliminating answer choices as you go.

4. Read Your Selected Answer Choice Back into the Sentence

  • If it makes sense, you have a winner.
  • If it doesn't make sense, go back to the answer choices and find one that works better.
  • If you get stuck, eliminate answer choices that you know are wrong and guess among the remaining choices.

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